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The foundation of Manavgat is not known certain, but estimated at B.C. 200-150. As understood from the early documents, cargo and human transportation had been made on the river, from the very first centuries till recent years. Manavgat has become a village of Turkish Republic at 1923.


The town Manavgat, which is 72 km far from the province Antalya. was founded on the plain that lies on both sides of the River Manavgat. The city center is 4 km far from the shore of the Mediterranean. The Northern part of the town is bordered by the Taurus Mountains covered with beautiful forests. The river Manavgat, which flows through the town, gives the plain fertility and richness. The Manavgat Waterfall and its delta are the most important natural richness of the town. The other natural beauties of the region in the South are the Sorgun Forest with pine trees and the lake "Titreyengöl", which was formed by alluvions that filled the delta of the River Manavgat.
In the Northern part of the river Manavgat there are the Lake of Oymapınar and Manavgat Dams. The Dams and its surroundings have a unique beauty. The plain of Manavgat, which is 2500 m2. is the most fertile plain of the province Antalya and is suitable for growing cotton, wheat, barley and 45 different kinds of fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables growing in greenhouse es in an important from of farming in the region. Greenhouse flowering has also improved recently. Trout is bred in some parts of the river. The history of the town is known to be very old and it is believed that the name Manavgat comes from the word "Munouwa" in the old language of luwi, meaning temple of Mother Goddess.
The place was supposed to be used as the sacred area of the Antique cities Seleukeia and Side in different period.




Weather in Manavgat



Humidity: 76%
Wind: NE at 8.08 K/H
9.4°C / 16.7°C
Scattered Thunderstorms
10°C / 15.6°C
Scattered Thunderstorms
9.4°C / 16.1°C

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